180 Feet of Understatement

The 55M X-Easy from Pastrovich Studio in Monaco aims to be realistic, not futuristic.

Pastrovich Studio in Monaco has become known in recent years for its style-pushing designs, but with the new 55M X-Easy concept yacht, the team aimed for what it calls “a less-extreme boat.”

“We wanted to maintain our core philosophy and adapt into a less-extreme boat for those who — like many — live [on] their yacht with friends and family, for a quiet cruise dedicated to relaxation, fun and ‘small exploration,’” Pastrovich stated in a press release.

The 55M X-Easy is designed to run with just nine crew, a smaller complement than can be found on many other yachts in the 180-foot range. Pastrovich believes that allowing for a tighter-knit “family” of crew members can help reduce crew turnover.

Also minimized is fixed furniture, allowing the owner to change onboard spaces along with his moods. The interior décor is meant to feel like a simple, elegant beach house that brings the outside in.

Amenities include a gymnasium, spa, bow terrace with dining, and aft beach club. Access to the tender garage is through the yacht’s side, to minimize disturbances to guests using the beach club and swim platform.

More information is at www.pastrovich.com.